A Tale of two Families.

Everette Sharpe was born in North Carolina where he met Sandy. They married and moved to Florida. Everette was an auto body apprentice, then advanced to an auto body technician. He worked his way up to being  the Service Director at Boniface Chrysler Dodge (in charge of service, parts, auto body shop). Once he reached that plateau he kept striving- he decided he and Sandy would open their own shop. In 1983 they founded Quality Collision Repair. Because of Everette and Sandy’s hard work and professional attitude, Quality Collision Repair is still a very successful body shop. Everette founded and was president of The Brevard Auto Body Association, dedicated to educate and unify Brevard auto body professionals. Everette won the Sam Walton, “Business Leaders” award. Quality Collision Repair won the “Small Business Award”, presented by the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. Everette restored The Brevard Zoo Train engine and co-ordinated the restoration of the train cars through the Brevard Auto Body Association. Everette was an avid fisherman, enjoyed nature and loved animals. Everette volunteered for The Florida Wildlife Conservation and enjoyed it immensely. Everette and Sandy traveled vastly in their RV. Everette passed away in 2009 and was a friend and helper to many and will be missed by all who knew him.

The Sharpe Family with Bobby Lawson, the original crew!

Meanwhile in Paducah Kentucky, Tommy Blair, Sr. purchased Shelton Pontiac, GMC, Mazda and it became Tommy Blair Pontiac, GMC, Mazda and while Tommy Sr. was at the helm the business would first triple in sales and grow to include such brands Lincoln-Mercury, Toyota, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Budget Rent A Car, and a long list of R.V. Brands and Custom Vans. Mr. Blair operated the business on several key business policies that made his stores  successful, Tommy Blair’s was the first Local Dealership in town to open sales all day Saturday as well as being open till 9 at night on weekdays, it didn’t take long for the customers to get used to the convenience of not missing work to buy a car.  And since none of the other dealerships were open those “crazy” hours it wasn’t long before Mr. Blair was out selling all the other big dealerships in town including Chevy and Ford.  Mr. Blair always used to make sure that if an employee made a customer a promise Tommy Blair’s followed through and delivered, right or wrong. Because of his Integrity, Mr. Blair and his business Tommy Blair’s  flourished From 1979 until 2003 during which time Mr. Blair invested heavily into the community and supported several charities along with his family and dealership spokesperson “Spencer” the talking Dog.  Mr. Blair retired and sold the dealerships in 2003.




It was into this business Tommy Blair, Jr. was raised and worked for his father from 1979 to 2003 also. Tommy Jr. eventually worked in every job in the store, from Porter to Parts person to Mechanic to Body man, Service Advisor, Salesman, Estimator,  Manager until finally settling into Body Shop Manager for several years. After the Blair’s moved to Florida in the early 2000’s Tommy Blair, Jr. would go to work For Mike Erdman Nissan, Cadillac, Toyota on Merritt Island as the Body Shop Manager until 2013 when he hit his plateau at Mike Erdman’s ,  partnered with Sandy Sharpe and took over the reins of the family owned and operated Quality Collision Repair In Rockledge.

Tommy Blair’s Quality Collision Repair continues to operate today with the same business philosophies which made both families successful in the Body Shop business, Hard Work, Professional Attitude, Integrity and Operating at the convenience of you, our customers.